From Martini Boys: You must visit Li’ly, one of the city's fresh lounging and dining venues -- a self-proclaimed "boutique" bar, resto and lounge. A shiny College Street hot spot that reflects the people who dine and lounge in this part of town. Naturally, the Lily location has an easygoing mix of 20- or 30-somethings dressed expensively casual.


From The old Kantine (in English staff restaurant) of the old power station where Berghain and Panorama bar are located, with a daytime beer garden open to the public and Wednesday night parties.
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From What a find. From the exterior you’d easily think, at night, that this place was a tile showroom or something that had closed at the end of the working day. Not so! Behind it’s unadorned facade lies an extremely cool and funky lounge featuring well priced drinks and excellent music of a techno/house more.


estimulo show...are you estimulated? the deepness....let me show you it