At age 4, Estimulo (Andreas Stolzenberg) began recording music from the radio--mostly RIAS Berlin, the US Army FM station--and producing a radio show. In 1983, he got his first 7 inch vinyl from his grandmother: The Haunted House of Rock by Whodini. After hearing The Big Beat on Fridays in 1988, he was hooked on all the hot imports from disco to early house music, soul funk & rap.

While Techno exploded in Berlin after the wall came down, Esti focused on US House & Detroit Techno. He set up his own little pirate FM station, until the authorities confiscated his gear. He just got more creative and programmed & tinkered together a new setup.

His first tracks were produced on an Amiga500 until he began working with Fasttracker on a PC. Through the filesharing site "soulseek," he met SpIn and that led to the birth of Mixomat.

Mixomat allowed Estimulo to move back to his passion for radio carried forward with his love for DJ'ing. The EstimuloShow began as a weekly show in summer 2007 highlighting the deeper sounds of house and techno. The EstimuloShow webpage and archives can be found at Estimulo played as a DJ alongside Malcolm Moore and Brad Peterson (Moods and Grooves) on the Altered Moods Deep Summit 2008 Tour in Hafen2 (Offenbach/Germany) and Sanatorium 23 (Berlin/Germany).

mike bishop:

Mike Bishop got his first professional DJ job at Perth, Australia's weekly underground Deep House night called 'Vibes' in 1996. Joining 'Looney Choons,' Perth's longest running Friday night electronic music show; Mike grew to become one of the main players and influences on the show.

Soon, he was supporting major international electronic artists at events such as Plastik, Digital, Ministry of Sound and Mixmag parties and hosting underground and special nights as front man for the Looney Choons crew.

While DJing, hosting radio and producing shows, Mike also wrote for the underground electronic music magazine Dissonance from 1998 to 2000.

From 2001 to 2004, Mike was an integral part of Farquadrant bookings and promotions bringing artists like Eddie Fowlkes, John Tejada, Pacou, Daniel Magg, Minus 8 (Compost records), Ricardo Villalobos and Isolee (Playhouse) to Australian shores. These artists have had a heavy influence on his style. Now relocated to Toronto, Mike is moving into production of electronic music in a variety of genres such as ambient, electronica, jazz, minimal, funk, tech, and house. Experience organizing events and hosting local radio shows has given Mike the versatility to DJ and maintain a positive level of energy in a club environment spinning house and techno-or create a relaxed vibe in a lounge environment with tasteful track selection smoothly blending genres such as future jazz, experimental and dub.

He recently began a residency on the global EstimuloShow, ( and is one of the three DJs and key planners for Altered Moods Recordings-led Deep Summit 09, coming to Toronto and Berlin in August, 2009. Look for much more from Mike: memorable parties hosted by his Immersed Perspectives booking agency, his growing internet presence or in upcoming productions.


Born in November of 1971, Roxnadz (real name Malcolm Moore) became entangled with music at a very early age. He started off as an avid house music listener in 1987, first introduced to the genre by the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based urban radio station KMOJ. He quickly found and became affiliated with others who were addicted to the deep house sound throughout the late 80s and 90s. Eventually, he moved on to become a full-fledged DJ in 2001 and started the very popular website, which catered to the deeper side of house music.

Roxnadz used the site to connect with fellow deep house addicts around the world, earning him trips to places like Seattle, New York and Berlin, Germany, to spin his own special style of deepness. As well, he obtained local gigs in San Francisco, participated in the vaunted Sit & Spin series with fellow DJ Nica, and secured a monthly residency on the now-defunct Planet Soul Network internet radio show.

These days, he currently participates in the Internet-based Estimulo Show that runs every Saturday night. When he isn't DJing, he is focusing his efforts on his fledgling deep house record label, Altered Moods Recordings.


Growing up in Liverpool, UK, and Learning to play piano and keyboards from an early age, truly-madly quickly realized how music became a large - and integral - part of life. In the late 80s he was naturally exposed to house and techno - he knew then he'd found his true love. truly quickly became a vinyl obsessive and started DJing in 1989, religiously visiting various record shops in Manchester, in pursuit of the latest sounds.

Early on in his clubbing days, truly saw the sheer power of music, the sense of togetherness it could provide, and its ability to uplift and alleviate. A playlist that leaned heavily on Chicago house from the likes of Ron Trent and Larry Heard cemented his love of the deeper side, and connected him with legendary venues such as Ministry Of Sound, Leisure Lounge and Bar Rhumba, alongside legendary DJs such as Luke Solomon, DJ Harvey, LuvDup, Terry Farley and Marshall Jefferson. As promoters changed their musical direction, truly-madly kept steady, constantly searching out the deeper side of things.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, truly has connected with like-minded people worldwide and found new fans of his style - characterized by deep and emotive sounds with an emphasis on melody and harmony - in the firm belief that you dance with your head and heart as much as with your feet. His website ( showcases his mixing talents and focuses on a depth of music that spans era and genre, rather than just the latest thing.

estimulo show...are you estimulated? the deepness....let me show you it